What is Mochi?

  • Mochi is a Window's application made to help organize lots of images. It offers artists a better way to store images they keep for reference and inspiration by focusing on a visual interface while keeping track of information about the images. Too often we save an image today only to lose it forever in the depths of our 'likes' or our file system with no good way to retrieve it. Mochi aims to fix this by offering integrated file system management and an easy category and tagging system to help find what we're looking for. 
  • Mochi also offers artists project management features made for organizing digital projects.
  • The name Mochi comes from the Japanese word モチ which is a shortened version of the loan-word モチベーション(mochibe-shon) meaning motivation. The shortened version also translates as a homonym to the traditional rice dessert called mochi!

Can I use Mochi?

  • Mochi is developed exclusively for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
  • You can sign up to be a potential beta tester with the "Apply for Beta" button below.

Who is making Mochi & Why?

  • Mochi is made exclusively by Harvey J. Nett, aka me.. gumdropghost! Any questions should be directed to my mochi specific e-mail (mochi.exe@gmail.com)
  • I decided to make Mochi out of necessity! I needed a program like this and one didn't exist, so I put my programming skills to work in order to create what I needed (and think other people like me might want too!) It soon became one of my favorite side projects, since it combines my art and programming lives together!

When will Beta be released?

  • There is no release day yet for Beta. Mochi has to complete Alpha testing before Beta can start.

When will Mochi be released?

  • There is no release day yet.

Will Mochi be free to use?

  • Most likely Mochi will be free for use for a trial period, and then require a one time purchase to continue using it after that (similar to how SAI does it), but this hasn't been explicitly decided yet!
  • It's important that Mochi be accessible to as many people as possible, so the price will be afforadble no matter what.


Full feature list coming soon...

  • Diverse Image Thumbnail Viewing Options:
    • Full view - view images in their native ratios
    • Thumbnail view - view images in their native ratios constrained to preset squares
    • Tile view - view images as squares (seen on the right) that enlarge on hover after a second (optional)
    • Use Ctrl + Mousewheel to change the base size of the thumbnails
    • In-application GIF support (.GIF files will appear animated alongside your still images!)
  • Categorization
    • reate custom categories for your needs, similar to the file system but more intelligent. Mochi will handle the organization and storage of the Window's filesystem, so all your files will be visible the 'normal' way too!
    • Embed categories within categories
    • Use a category to create a project
    • Link "nodes" from one category to another so you can have one image in more than one place without the storage space use
  • Pop-Out Images
    • op out images from Mochi that will stay pinned on top of your other programs! Great for keeping references images over art programs.
    • Resize and move them around
    • Save your pop out configurations
    • Hide all pop out images with a click of a global hotkey
  • Image Tagging & Searching
    • Tag your images with keywords to search for later
    • Search by category, or search everything!
    • Refine your search with advanced terms (exclude, etc.)
  • Easy Picture Import
    • Import your current folders and image heirarchy into Mochi automatically
    • Drag images from filesystem or from the web directly into Mochi
  • Project System
    • Create projects with Mochi that can include nodes (images), full links to categories, notes, links to your art program files, etc
  • Artist Portals
  • Tumblr Integration

All images shown here represent a work in progress, and not the final product. © J. Nett 2016