Minecraft & Friends

Welcome to Harvey's handy dandy friendly guide to getting our minecraft up and running!

Note: All requested mods must work under v. 1.11.2

Note: to play, you need to be whitelisted by Harve!



  1. No griefing!
  2. Try and build decently far from other people unless you're building together
  3. Don't be a prick :D


General Mods:

Requested Mods:

Certain mods are client side and optional, which can be turned on and off via the Curse Client. These mods include:

  • Better Foliage - May make better performance to turn off
  • Optifine - Better performance if the shader is off within the game, but Optifine itself claims to boost FPS (untested by us)
  • What Is That - Can be destracting, so you can turn it off
  • JourneyMap - Maybe the map is too much for you, or maybe you want it to be more of a surprise? Turn it off baby!

Step 1: Install/Setup Curse Client


1. Install the twitch client


If you don't see minecraft on the mods tab:

2. Enable the minecraft plugin: 

  • Click settings icon top right
  • Click addons
  • Click minecraft
  • Toggle enable minecraft mod management

4. Click the minecraft tab on the curse client

5. Install minecraft if you don't already have it installed

If you have errors downloading after logging into your minecraft account try the following:

7. Make sure you have the latest version of java installed (confirm 64 bit if that's what you have)

8. Click the minecraft icon, change launch method to "Jar launcher" and click 'Ok'



Step 2: Install Our Custom Modpack


1. Download modpack .zip from dropbox

2. Open the twitch client, and click the minecraft tab

3. Click "Create Custom Profile"

4. Click "Import" on the top, locate the .zip pack, and open

5. Make version 1.11.2

6. Name it whatever you want



Step 3: Enable a pretty shader


1. Click the downloaded modpack under the curse miencraft tab

2. Find the Optifine mod under "installed mods" and enable it

3. Run minecraft, click options > video settings > shaders... > SEUS-v11.0

Give your computer some time to deal with this change!

Optionally, you can add your own sahders by clicking the shaders folder and putting one there

For Server Installation:

Server base download .zip


Mod Pack Version History:
Updated to the following:
  • RecurrentComplex
  • Waystones 3.0.9

  • 1.0
    Initial installation of mods